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Business processes are critical assets for planning and running your business. Like capital assets, business processes need to be acquired, monitored, maintained, repaired, and occasionally replaced (business process management). The skills required to manage processes are not the same as the skills to transact these processes. Your team can execute, but can they make change happen? PCG can help.

How may we help you?



Discover whether your processes support your business strategies



Implement processes to support your (changing) business strategies



Outsource, insource, offshore, near-shore, or re-shore your business processes



Broken, manual, and outdated processes can be repaired: Reliable, measurable, and secure

Notes from the field

Business Process Management

At Process Core Group we provide business process management and process optimization services. If you think this is old school or a software sale, then you are not alone. Many business leaders I talk to lose interest the moment you bring up business process management. Continue reading..

Caspar Hunsche, Managing Director

We proudly served

Sasol - Chemicals
Cemex - Construction Materials
SCC - Research & Education
Lowe's - Retail
Yutong - Automotive
Volvo - Automotive

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