Process Repair

From compliance audits, systems implementations, cost savings efforts, to lean/six sigma projects there are

So many examples, so many approaches

In our experience very few businesses have standardized their approaches to the demand for process improvement. Often the lean team is not involved with compliance audit-based process improvements. Financial process changes are not six sigma. And so on.

Our study of process improvement methodologies revealed that whereas the project phases are similar, the activities within a phase are determined by the goal the methodology pursues. Lean, for example, focuses on waste in the system. Six sigma focuses on reduction of errors. Compliance projects mitigate risks and adherence to internal business rules and external regulatory legislation.

In reality all projects must result in processes that limit waste, errors, risks, and costs. All projects must also result in processes that are measurable and compliant.

PCG can help with selecting the right methodology and team.

Why us

Because we are (in one word) Adaptable − in the many variations of meaning of the word:

  • Suitable by nature, character, or design to a particular use, purpose, or situation (definition by Merriam-Webster). Our team and methodologies enable the planning and execution of your projects well, by design. Our methodologies have been developed and tested on projects big and small, by us and by others
  • Able or willing to change in order to suit different conditions (definition by Cambridge Dictionary). Our approach is modular, allowing us to adapt to your needs. Or we can use your methods − your choice
  • ..someone who can handle anything and is capable of taking on the jobs that would have others scratching their heads.. (excerpt from Urban Dictionary). Our team brings the skills, we have done this before

Our methodology is modular. This means we have identified all the steps of the most extensive project, identified key activities and deliverables, and can include or exclude those (modules) for your project based on your needs. We can use your methodology or bring our own. Your choice.

You can deploy us as extra resources on your project or hand the project over to us:

  • Many of our clients brought us in for our expertise, resources, and methodology
  • Several clients brought us in for our expertise and resources
  • Some clients brought us in for guidance, planning, and/or oversight
  • Few used us as a flexible resource pool only

PCG can help determining what you need, big project or small, we are here for you.

Call to action

Contact us to discuss how we organize process repair projects. Our methodology consists of standard modules or steps that we include, configure, or exclude based on your needs. Our contact information is listed at the top of each page.


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