Process Core Group, LP was established in 2005 as a management consulting firm serving fortune 500-1000 companies. The company has built its reputation by providing quality consulting, training and research services in the area of business process management (BPM), serving customers in manufacturing, retail, government and services industries.

Our Vision

Process Core Group's vision is to help our customers Demystify business process management by making it easy to understand, easy to perform, and easy to deploy at all scales of business enterprise; Deliver business process management techniques which streamline and accelerate business change, and which bring the best return for all process investments in a company; Deploy standards-based process knowledge to provide the highest-value and most-responsive experience for our clients.

Our Services

Our approach to solving business process problems is modularized and therefore adaptable. We listed the most common types of projects we support below as services:

  • Assess − Discover whether your processes support your business strategies
  • Operationalize − Implement processes to support your (changing) business strategies
  • Re-Source − Outsource, insource, offshore, near-shore, or re-shore your business processes
  • Repair − Overhaul processes − from broken, manual, and outdated to reliable, measurable, and secure

Don’t worry if your project needs don’t fit these definitions. We probably have done what you need before. Some additional example projects include: Building an internal process team, Implement S&OP processes with software, Product engineering process assessment, Engineer-to-Order to Make-to-Order conversion, BPM Techniques training, Develop process documentation, Procure-to-Pay automation assessment. And so much more.

Give us a call if you would like to discuss how we can help you.

Contact us

We are committed to providing our customers with products and services characterized by outstanding quality, customer service, and value. For company background or employment inquiries please contact us by email at info@pcor.com or leave a callback message at +1-281-652-5573