Operationalize Strategy

Is your supply chain network able to support your business strategy? Are your processes within all the nodes of your network in sync and optimized? In order to achieve your business objectives you need to: 

Tie it all together

Having a business strategy is one thing. Aligning your organization, network, and processes to this strategy is another. How do you translate a business objective (shorter cash cycles, lower warranty costs) to specific changes in your business? Our experience learns us that:

  • Metrics driven, and
  • Network focused, and
  • Process managed

is the right approach to achieving your goals. Many businesses have attempted a shortcut and failed. ‘Fixing a process’ without understanding whether or not they needed the process in the first place. (e.g. to Lean or Six Sigma a warehouse that serves no more purpose).

Your strategy is focused on the future but your business processes may still live in the past. Even if supported by the latest software, without alignment, (changed) processes will not result in better results.

PCG can help with developing and executing a plan to operationalize your strategy.

Why us

Our leadership team served as thought leaders in business process management with an emphasis on supply chains for years. We developed the process management methodology known as M4SC™ for Supply Chain Council (SCC), developed all SCCs training materials, and trained all its instructors. Since our time at SCC we continued the development and applied it with our clients with great success. Today our methodology spans assessment, alignment, and implementation of:

  • Business to supply chain strategy − Express supply chain strategy in terms of measurable goals. This includes activities and deliverables like analyzing the business model canvas and business plan, supply chain segmentation, competitive landscape analysis, and scorecard development
  • Supply chain strategy to network − Validate the supply chain netwok against the supply chain metrics. This includes material flow, constraints, standardization, and performance analysis and network change roadmap development
  • Network to business processes − Assess, develop, renew, and/or replace business processes. We align your processes with your technology and within your internal and external partner network. This includes development of end-to-end processes
  • Organization and change management − Design, develop, test, train, and support transition to new processes. This includes development of standard operating procedures, user acceptance testing, and development and delivery of training 

Our strength is our ability to identify and explain where the gaps in your business are or will be, how to structurally resolve these, and help implement the new strategy, network, and processes.

Call to action

Contact us to discuss how we can you operationalize your strategy. Our methodology consists of standard modules or steps that we include, configure, or exclude based on your needs. Our contact information is listed at the top of each page.



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