Process Repair

From compliance audits, systems implementations, cost savings efforts, to lean/six sigma projects there are

So many examples, so many approaches

In our experience very few businesses have standardized their approaches to the demand for process improvement. Often the lean team is not involved with compliance audit-based process improvements. Financial process changes are not six sigma. And so on.


You contract with a new service provider or bring processes (nearer to) home. That’s just a change of contract, right? Probably not. We are all friends here, the new service provider works in our interest. Hopefully yes, but service providers have shareholders and owners too. Outsourcing, offshoring, and near-shoring means dealing with

Operationalize Strategy

Is your supply chain network able to support your business strategy? Are your processes within all the nodes of your network in sync and optimized? In order to achieve your business objectives you need to: 

Tie it all together

Having a business strategy is one thing. Aligning your organization, network, and processes to this strategy is another. How do you translate a business objective (shorter cash cycles, lower warranty costs) to specific changes in your business? Our experience learns us that:

Process Assessments

The paradigm for self assessment limitation is:

You don’t know what you don’t know

You have your processes under control. Your staff confirms that previous employers, competitors are doing it this way. This is in fact the industry standard. These are some of the reasons why processes continue to operate the same way for a very long time. But wouldn’t it be interesting to copy/paste some practices from other industries, to excel beyond your industry?