Construction materials manufacturer CEMEX (CX: $14B sales) is building a supply chain for the future. A cross-functional team recognized the need to agree on a common supply chain strategy and brought in Process Core Group to help develop a supply chain strategy definition program and structure communication to executive management and regional organizations.

Cemex - Construction Materials

We orchestrated a series of data collection workshops in the Americas and European regions to assess capabilities and identify local practices not commonly shared which would benefit other locations, resulting in a list of local and regional optimization initiatives. All these regional and global initiatives were prioritized and consolidated into a roadmap with 6 focused tracks.

Our pan-European team won the supply chain strategy award 2018 (www.exchainge.de). Thanks for the inspiration PCG! — S&OP Manager Cemex Germany

Through executive sponsorship the global, regional and local teams are now chartered to implement the new supply chain operating model and metrics, allowing the cross-functional team to direct its focus to governance and managing supply chain strategy under changing market conditions.

Cemex - Construction Materials

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