Are your company’s supply chains leading or lagging?
Don’t have the cost or asset efficiency answers to this question? Then you are probably not truly in control of your company’s supply chain performance. At the highest level managing supply chains starts with understanding how well you perform and developing strategic initiatives to improve or maintain supply chain performance.
Many executives ask us how to start the process of making strategic investments in supply chain. One answer is to show how you perform in comparison to your competitors and peers, and your trends versus industry trends. PCG Benchmarks provide these insights.

What Data Is Available?

PCG Benchmarks are at enterprise-level and include key Cost and Asset Efficiency metrics tying directly to the bottom-line.

  • Operating Margin
    • Cost of Goods Sold
    • Distribution Costs*
    • SG&A
    • R&D
    • Other Operational Expenses
  • Cash Conversion Cycle
    • Days Receivables Outstanding
    • Days of Inventory
    • Days Payables Outstanding
  • Fixed Asset turns

* Data for Distribution Costs is limited. For most companies these costs are included in SG&A or Other Operational Expenses.

Call to Action

First request your complementary benchmark report. Our system can generate a report in minutes for most companies, as long as they are publicly traded. Review the numbers and start the discussion how strategic supply chains are for your company.
Next consider a PCG supply chain management maturity assessment. Our experts will work with your supply chain organizations to evaluate the maturity of your supply chain management processes and provide a report with detailed findings and recommendations for the five key areas: Markets, Metrics, Processes, People and Technology. A assessment typically takes 2 senior consultants for 5 business days.