When Manufacturing Giant AB Volvo (VOLV: $36B sales) – maker of Truck, Aerospace, Bus, Boating, and Construction equipment – wanted to build their own IT BPM function, they turned exclusively to Process Core Group to provide the nuts-and-bolts planning, recruiting, training, mentoring, and process project piloting for North American and European Teams. They also turned to Process Core Group to help them craft research and communication to firm sponsorship in BPM across the company, in Operations teams as well as the IT function.

Volvo Group - Automotive, Marine & Aerospace

We supported half-a-dozen major programs from integration of Volvo Truck/Mack/Renault to optimization of Volvo Bus and Volvo Aerospace supply chain operations as part of the initial training and deployment of their program, creating a platform for success as they rolled out throughout the enterprise.

It was just like PCG predicted it – the demand for process optimisation resources grew faster then we can grow the team — Volvo Global Project Sponsor

Volvo’s team grew from two Swedish employees to a dozen internationally placed experts managing on behalf of Volvo Group international, now poised for branching off from IT into a critical strategic operations team.


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Do-it-Yourself Home Building Retailer Lowe’s (LOW: $43B sales) learned how to do-it-themselves with Process Core Group. After their nascent BPM function stagnated quarter after quarter trying to anchor BPM with steering teams and frameworks but no business results, they turned to Process Core Group alone to help them rebuild their organization and operations with a focus on execution and not just standards, to train key staff in BPM off-the-shelf methodology with open frameworks, and to anchor their credibility with very high-value projects across their company.

Lowe's Never Stop Improving initiative

Their reputation cemented with a successful $170M cost improvement process re-engineering program, the team’s work portfolio expanded steadily from 1 to 2 to 4 and more major programs within their first year of setup, quadrupled staff, and created a highly-disciplined interlocked organization across all business units within Lowe’s.

The approach PCG took to first train us, then have us participate, and finally lead projects made it easy to grow into my new role. — Lowe’s BPS team member

Over 30 Lowe’s BPM professionals are engaged across all business segments within a single operations model for the process organization.


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