Process Core Group, LP (‘PCG’) was established in 2005 as a management consulting firm serving fortune 500-1000 companies. The company has built its reputation by providing quality consulting, training and research services in the areas of business process management, supply chain management, supply chain strategy, supply chain network management, and most recently, overall value stream management; serving customers in manufacturing, retail, government and services industries. Today we work with medium and large size businesses in any industry — even if they don’t have a classic supply chain.


At PCG, we know that supply chains have one of the most critical roles in achieving company objectives. In today’s markets, companies are increasingly challenging their supply chains on multiple dimensions, including service, speed, flexibility, cost reduction, and asset management. Our supply chain consultants lasting capabilities for our client’s supply chains to be a source of competitive advantage quickly, and to maintain and grow that advantage over time. Our focus is on building capabilities inside your company. We provide you and your staff the knowledge and skills to establish and maintain supply chains that achieve results.

  • Executive coaching. Coaching focuses on the why, the what needs to be done, the how to organize resources. A key coaching related service is our executive overview. A session with your (executive) management on supply chain. What, why and how to organize. Our coaches support you through every phase of a major transformation, transition or building your team — in short: make you successful at your job.
  • Consulting. Our consultants provide the expertise to help your company maximize the value of your global supply chains. Developing cost effective supply chain strategies that balance service requirements with financial performance are crucial to your long term outcomes. This has become challenging, with focus points for performance changing rapidly. Our team of industry leading supply chain consultants help build your capability to meet supply chain challenges and significantly improve performance, while positively impacting profitability and customer satisfaction — in short: we help develop the right answers for the short-term, and capabilities to manage for the long run.
  • Management training. Your company can adopt our methods and tools. We can develop your center(s) of excellence and train your management how to effectively use these resources. Training provides your team with proven, repeatable processes. Use standard processes to derive supply chain strategies from the business strategy, assessing your current supply chain networks, how to improve business processes – in short: learn how to manage supply chains.
  • Research. Our research is based on day-to-day supply chain operations. We work with the best and the not so good. Our team has focused global industry knowledge along with practical experience to answer your most pressing questions. What is the current competitive performance of your supply chains? What are the strategic priorities? Are your networks organized to meet your market challenges? Do you have best-in-class processes deployed? How about best practices? We analyze strengths and weaknesses and build upon that — in short: we know what to do and what to avoid.

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We are committed to providing our customers with products and services characterized by outstanding quality, customer service, and value. For company background or employment inquiries please contact us by email at info@pcor.com or by telephone at our office at +1-281-652-5573.

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