Construction materials manufacturer CEMEX (CX: $14B sales) is building a supply chain for the future. A cross-functional team recognized the need to agree on a common supply chain strategy and brought in Process Core Group to help develop a supply chain strategy definition program and structure communication to executive management and regional organizations.

Cemex building & infrastructure materials

We orchestrated a series of data collection workshops in the Americas and European regions to assess capabilities and identify local practices not commonly shared which would benefit other locations, resulting in a list of local and regional optimization initiatives. All these regional and global initiatives were prioritized and consolidated into a roadmap with 6 focused tracks.

Our pan-European team won the supply chain strategy award 2018 (www.exchainge.de). Thanks for the inspiration PCG! — S&OP Manager Cemex Germany

Through executive sponsorship the global, regional and local teams are now chartered to implement the new supply chain operating model and metrics, allowing the cross-functional team to direct its focus to governance and managing supply chain strategy under changing market conditions.

Cemex Building and Infrastructure Materials

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Energy and chemicals manufacturer Sasol (SSL: $200B sales) is expanding their product portfolio in the Americas region. The first step was the construction of a joint venture in Texas. Sasol hired Process Core Group to help develop the business processes for order promising, tolling manufacturing, shipping, packaging, and freight forwarder integration to support a new business model.

Sasol production > rail > packaging > ocean shipment

We introduced new practices and technologies to Sasol Americas that enabled automation of processes and electronic integration of Sasol and its partners (tollers, packers, freight forwarders, carriers), moving the workload from transacting manually to managing exceptions. This allowed Sasol to substantially grow volumes with less hires.

Without PCG we would still be running our business the way we did 10-15 years ago — Sasol Project Manager

Upon successful transition of the new processes to their respective business owners, Process Core Group was asked to support the next big project – the Sasol Louisiana Chemical Complex expansion.


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