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Business processes are critical assets for planning and running your business. Like capital assets, business processes need to be monitored, maintained, repaired, and occasionally replaced. The skills required for maintaining processes are not the same as transacting these processes. Your team can execute, but can they make change happen? PCG can help.

What is your process challenge?

  • Processes require constant redo
  • Replace manual processes
  • Retire expired processes

Process Repair Services

  • Assess processes and practices
  • Redefine roles and responsibilities
  • Document processes and policies
  • Launch a new line of business
  • Redesign process to meet business goals
  • Integrate with internal/external parties

Business Development Services

  • Segment business strategies
  • Translate strategy to execution
  • Mitigate process startup risk
  • Roll out best practices
  • Merge existing processes
  • Standardize process where possible; Differentiate as needed


Process Standardization Services

  • Benchmark processes and practices
  • Capture and document processes
  • Transition processes and practices

Examples of successfully completed projects

  • Standardize processes across divisions
  • Develop a global supply chain strategy
  • Build a process improvement team/process center of excellence
  • Implement a process documentation repository
  • Develop value stream processes for a new multi-unit chemical plant
  • Integrate 3rd party logistics service providers via EDI
  • Upgrade process analysis approach & methods
  • Align objectives, roles & responsibilities
  • Upgrade order management processes
  • Develop planning processes for Advanced Planning & Scheduling system
Strategic Blueprinting
Training & Education
New Chemical Plant

We proudly served

Cemex Building and Infrastructure Materials
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