Managing Supply Chains? We wrote the book!

Literally. After several years of working with companies of different levels of maturity we wrote the first release of the M4SC framework. M4SC describes the standard processes companies have put in place to develop supply chain strategies and equally important to implement these strategies.

m4sc-bookWe use these learnings in our coaching engagements and can pull from our experience with companies large and small in different industries. Although the M4SC framework is currently not available to the public, we have the knowledge and experience to coach you through the transformation from your current level of supply chain management to becoming the best.

Our approach is different. Our goal is to make you successful. A typical engagement involves coaching and educating your team: our work is done when your team has the skills, methods and processes to manage reliable, cost effective supply chains that meet market needs and business goals — today and in the future. This is why we decided to team up with OpenReference™ ( The former M4SC processes are now part of the Management layer of Supply Chain in OpenReference™.

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