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This report was prepared for Inc (AMZN), a publicly traded company in the Specialty Retail industry. Inc is an online retailer. The Company sells its products through the website which provides services, such as advertising services and co-branded credit card agreements. It also offers electronic devices like Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets.
The 2017 top 10 largest companies in the Specialty Retail industry (by revenue) are Inc, Genuine Parts Co, AutoZone Inc, Canadian Tire Corp Ltd, Canadian Tire Corp Ltd, , eBay Inc, Advance Auto Parts Inc, O'Reilly Automotive Inc, Dufry AG. The data of 14 companies is used to calculate the percentiles. This report is based on 2017* data. Inc (AMZN)

Operating Margin (%)
SG&A Expenses (%)21.927.422.017.6n=14
Research & Development (%)12.712.79.83.6n=3
Other Operational Expenses (%)
Cost of Goods Sold (%)63574832n=14
Cash Conversion Cycle (days)-3153-9-63n=11
Days Receivables Outstanding (days)2217102n=13
Days of Inventory (days)451067114n=12
Days Payables Outstanding (days)9873115278n=14
Fixed Asset Turns (turns)4.66.410.018.8n=14
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  50 70 90
The blue horizontal bar: Your current rank. The diamond: Your proposed target.
Solid green: The Leaders. Top performers for this metric; achieving a 90th percentile or higher ranking.
Light green: The Challengers. Companies ranked between 70th and 90th percentile.
Yellow: The Followers. Companies ranked between 50th and 70th percentile.
Orange: The Laggers. Companies in the bottom half of the industry (Ranking below the median performer).
*) The number of companies may differ by reported year and metric. YTD represents the latest quarterly data published by companies. Your position in the industry may change over time as we continue to expand our database by adding more companies and latest data released by companies. Please note that not all companies may have published data for the most recent year. Whilst we have taken all reasonable measures to ensure that the results reflected herein are correct, Process Core Group, LP and PCOR, LLC do not accept any liability for the accuracy of the information and no decision should be taken on the basis of the information contained herein before having confirmed the detail from other sources.


Your Operating Margin performance is ranked in the bottom 10% of your industry. Your company should identify strategic, tactical and operational intiatives to address this poor performance immediately.
  • Improving your Operating Margin by 6.8% will result in an increase of your annual net profit of $12,000M.
  • Your SG&A Expenses are around the 80th percentile performance. You may look into improving SG&A Expenses by 4.3% and reach industry leaders status.
  • Your Cost of Goods Sold are a major driver of your Operating Margin. Improving Cost of Goods Sold to mere median performance in your industry will gain you 6%.

Asset Efficiency

Your Cash Conversion Cycle is around the 85th percentile performance. You have a strategic advantage over the majority of companies in your industry. Drive your performance to the 90th percentile to join the leaders in your industry by reducing your Cash Conversion Cycle by 32 days.
  • A 32 days Cash Conversion Cycle improvement will free cash in the order of $35,000M.
  • Your Days of Inventory are around the 85th percentile performance. You may look into improving Days of Inventory by 31 days and reach industry leaders status.
Your Fixed Asset Turns is ranked in the bottom half of the industry (~40th percentile). As a first step consider initiatives that drive your Fixed Asset Turns to median performance.

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